Who are we?

“X-clusive Import” is a company based in Spain (Alicante and Barcelona) dedicated to the importation of handcrafted Furniture and Decoration from South East Asia. We are specialised in the discovery of innovative, original, high quality and customisable decoration items in accordance with our clients’ tastes.
Fascinated by South East Asia and Indonesia particularly, we like to transmit to you, in our own way, our immense respect and admiration towards the innate talent of these creators of authentic Indonesian art works. Their dexterity, patience and sense of craftsmanship have impacted us and we want you to appreciate these unique pieces, the result of many hours of work, which we are sure will amaze you as it happened to us.

What do we do?

After having studied your project, your decoration idea, or after your selection of items that have drawn your attention to our site, let us know and we will provide you with an accurate price list, honest and realistic as possible according to the product and the work involved, from its creation to its arrival at its destination. You will thus be able to have exceptional pieces to offer to your clients or project partners, or to transform the current decoration of your property into a unique atmosphere that is different from the majority of your competitors. 
You should also know that we are present IN PERSON throughout the process:
 – Launching production in close collaboration with our local manufacturers with whom we have been working for years.
 – Regular checks on the progress of production and compliance with deadlines.
 – Control of container loading from Indonesia, monitoring of sea shipping.
 – If necessary, management of the required customs formalities at arrival and management of the final truck transport.

Why should you choose us?

One of the things that sets us apart and that our customers appreciate, is that our products can be made in exclusive and custom-made according to the wishes of our customers. (colours, sizes, quantities, materials, text engraving, patterns, or logos). 
As a general rule, size is not a problem for our team; the “big XXL subjects” are a characteristic feature of our company.
All the items you will see on the site are the result of several weeks of research in the 4 corners of Indonesia over the last few years.
This translates into thousands of km in scooter/car, monsoon or not (rainy season in Asia), with or without phone network coverage, nights in more or less ” suitable ” hotels in which we don’t meet many tourists to be honest…

The other aspect of this perpetual “treasure hunt” is also a beautiful adventure each time, professional and friendly people to meet. Smells, tastes, smiles, breathtaking landscapes, (we won’t talk about mosquitoes and others) and suddenly, in the middle of “nothing”, we discover a manufacturer, a craftsman, an artist who offers us his products and creations… As a result: A few words exchanged, a few photos, a few emails and instant messages later, our customers reply with an enthusiastic “YES” and the order is placed. A few weeks later (and a few thousand km further on) here are the finds freshly unloaded from the “boat”, delivered to the customer who rewards us with a big smile of satisfaction and with this sentence that we never get tired of hearing: “It’s even more beautiful in reality than in photos”… [Mission accomplished]